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Seat Cushion : Seat Cushion, SAF Foam, Pink/Grey

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40/SPG1616C Seat Cushion, SAF Foam, Pink/Grey $557.00
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SAFEMED anti-decubitus seat cushion pink/grey is specially designed for pressure distribution to prevent pressure sores or the relief of different pressure related sufferings (up to stage 3), reducing pain for persons with weight up to 125kg, in which, lengthen the time for the user in sitting position.

Studies and research has been carried out, in relation for its effectiveness,  by Christian Gammelgaard Olesen, Assistant Professor, Biomechanics, Aalborg University; deformation of cells caused by shearing forces (example, sitting, lying etc) could lead to pressure ulcer. Hard surface creates an overall impact of the subject whereas soft surface creates the overall impact plus the sides. Prevention & healing of pressure sores/ ulcers is not to deform the cells of the tissue. SAFEMED serves the purpose by contouring the body with efficient pressure distribution with exceptional product quality.

SAFEMED was also reported to be more conducive for Dementia patients which the static pressure relieve system creates no noise or disturbance and is free from electricity.

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